Metal can be reused infinitely

Metal is a material that can be recycled forever. When metal packaging waste generated by households and businesses is recycled, it is reused by the metal industry and transformed into new metal products. Metal packaging is an ecological and economical alternative.

This is how metal is recycled:

1. Households

Metal packaging waste and small metal items should be taken to Rinki eco take-back points, municipal collection points or a metal collection container provided by the residential building. From there, a waste transport company takes the metal waste to reception terminals.


2. Companies

Companies with producer responsibility are required by law to deliver their metal packaging waste directly to reception terminals.


3. Reception terminals

Metal waste is sorted and stored at reception terminals, where related statistics are also compiled. From the terminals, metal waste is transferred to crushing plants.


4. Metal industry

Crushed metal waste is delivered to foundries where scrap metal is turned into new raw material for the metal industry.


5. New metal products

New metal products are made from recycled raw material for households and businesses. In time, these products may also be recycled, and so the metal goes back into the cycle.